Immerse yourself in Prada brand communications, before branding its brand new retail store for the launch of Prada SS/18 collection ‘Premonitions II’.
– 2 x interior wallpaper designs
“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade” –
Charles Dickens
Spring is the time of revival, new beginnings. Everything changes and moves towards summer; towards warmth and wonderful sunny dreams.
“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” –
William Shakespeare (Sonet XCVII)
The wallpapers represent Prada’s elegance and minimalism, meaning as less detail as possible containing as much story and detail as it possibly can. These retail stores are meant to reflect the idea behind the launch of Prada SS/18 collection “Premonitions II”, which is innovative and futuristically mind-opening.
It’s all about that breath of fresh air, which is why both wallpapers have a bit of nature  in them – a foggy forest and bright blue sky.
However, in both images they are covered. Covered with cold stone, that is placed over the model’s face. As if it covers your face, not letting you speak freely; not letting you breathe freely. Covered with buildings with an up view of the city, giving it a bit of a 3D effect, letting you look into the image.
Is that what future holds for us? Getting covered with cities, lying down and catching the last of the blue sky? Or allowing the utopian system to take control over what we say and what we see?
None of us can answer these questions at the moment, so I’ve left the images as collages – a collection of uncompleted pictures and cutouts brought together, so that we can complete them step by step, while walking into the future and shaping it the way we want to.
applied onto walls.

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